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D.R. Joseph, Inc


D.R. Joseph, Inc

921 W. Harris Rd, Arlington, Texas, 76001 USA

Tel: 1-800-767-4470

Fax: +1-817-987-2043

Email: sales@drjosephinc.com

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About Us

Famous for its innovative Internal Bubble Cooling control system, family-owned ‘value added technology’ company D.R. Joseph, Inc. is truly dedicated to delivering the best possible products, service and solutions to its customers worldwide. Emma-Jane Batey spoke to CEO Daniel Joseph to learn how this is being achieved.

Founded in Arlington, Texas in 1987, family-owned and managed packaging technology company D.R. Joseph, Inc. truly delivers on its promise of adding value through technology. CEO and founder Daniel Joseph spoke to Packaging Europe to explain how, in a sea of innovative packaging technology companies, D.R. Joseph, Inc. stands out from the competition.

Mr Joseph said, “We’ve been totally focused on serving the blown film industry since we started, so that’s nearly 30 years. And since day one we’ve always been improving and developing, always looking for fresh ideas, fresh solutions that keep giving added value to our customers.”

Head of the family

CEO Mr Joseph is the best possible advocate for his eponymous company; his passion for providing the blown film industry with the very latest in Internal Bubble Cooling (IBC) control systems means he is both knowledgeable and interesting. He continued, “We’ve always been committed to serving the industry and I feel our long-term, ongoing investment shows that. We’re very much a serious player in the market and will continue to push forward for the benefit of our customers. I love talking to people about what we can do to help them; our product portfolio is second-to-none and I know that our teams are the smartest, most informed people – they’re ready to support customers with an IBC control system that will totally work to their advantage.”

From its headquarters in Arlington, Texas, D.R. Joseph, Inc. is able to serve customers worldwide. Already a market leader in North America, the company’s increasingly large global footprint means it can provide the same high quality products and services to customers wherever they are located. Mr Joseph explained, “Europe was actually our first export market during the 1990s and we’ve enjoyed excellent growth here thanks to our consistently strong sales representation. Very sadly our European rep passed away and this meant we saw a considerable drop in our European activities, so now we are focused on redeveloping our presence. This is why we are particularly excited about attending the K Show; we’ve always been supporting our OEMs at their booths in the past, but this show we have our own booth too.”

Mr Joseph continued to explain how D.R. Joseph, Inc. expects to grow outside of Europe too. He said, “We’ve recently added representation for Mexico, Central America and India; areas we’ve supported without specific representation in the past. We are also very pleased to report that our domestic North American market is still going through a period of replacing old equipment, which translates to strong retrofit sales. OEMs in Asia and India are also improving in the capabilities they can provide and our IBC systems fit perfectly into that process. We are also seeing some good growth coming from Mexican and Africa film producers, so all in all it is a very interesting time for us.”

Ready with solutions

With D.R. Joseph, Inc.’s company slogan ‘when you need solutions...not just answers’ perfectly illustrating its dedication to guaranteeing added value technologies for its customers, its product portfolio is carefully presented. Exclusively serving the blown film industry, the company offers control solutions for ‘geomembrane to liner bags, food and medical applications and everything in between’. As Mr Joseph said, “I often tell customers – ‘if you can blow the film, we can control it’. If we can’t do it now, we’ll certainly work on it until we can.”

It is this positive attitude that makes D.R. Joseph, Inc. a highly valued partner in Internal Bubble Cooling control and bubble stability technologies. With its flagship product the IBC control system, the company is now on its third generation system, which is capable of more than ten different configurations in order to meet the needs of any film producer, from basic IBC control to full management of the bubble. Mr Joseph noted, “It makes perfect sense for an OEM to use our system because it is so easy for us to adapt it to any requirement in order to meet their performance needs. For film producers, we use our product line flexibility to retrofit and upgrade any IBC system on the market to deliver higher production rates, quicker start-ups and improved width control.” Similarly, D.R. Joseph offers an innovative machine directional sealing unit that exceeds in providing reliable seals from thin to thick films and everything in between.

As D.R. Joseph, Inc. is constantly working on improving performance, new capabilities and improving efficiency of all its products, it looks set to cement its position as a leading partner to the blown film industry worldwide. Mr Joseph concluded, “As an auxiliary supplier of equipment, we work hard to guarantee our customers can rely on us and our service. Many of our new developments are centred on process monitoring and reporting as IBC is a difficult process to troubleshoot; our systems are designed especially so that our customers can get help with knowing exactly what happened and why. We’re always able to help, wherever they are in the world, whatever time it is! Our slow, steady growth will continue as we keep improving and developing.”

Products & Services

Key Industries

  • DRJ Blown Film Lab NEW!
  • 3rd Generation IBC
  • LF-Sizer Width Controller
  • Seal Cut Machine Direction Sealing
  • Upgrade Corner
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Pressure Blowers
  • Cooling Coils/Chillers
  • Sizing Cages
  • Ducting and Hoses
  • Books
  • Legacy Non-Contact IBC

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Company Contacts

Michael Pilolli

Position: Marketing Manager

Telephone: +1 817 987 2030

Email: michaelp@drjoseph.com

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