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Label Planet Ltd

Wilbraham House, Unit 2 Alvaston Business Park, Middlewich Road, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6PF

Tel: 01270 668076

Fax: 01270 666233

Email: info@labelplanet.co.uk

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About Us

Label Planet Ltd is an online supplier of blank A4 sheets of self-adhesive labels for use with standard desktop laser printers and inkjet printers. Established in 2003, Label Planet is a family owned company dedicated to supplying quality products at excellent value prices along with genuine customer service including help and advice based on years of experience in the labelling industry.

We have chosen to specialise in A4 label sheet products so we can offer our customers better choice, better despatch and delivery times, and better customer care. We offer our customers an extensive range of stocked label products, including over 100 label sizes across a range of 30 materials, adhesives, and colours; all of our labels are made in the UK using high quality materials and manufacturing processes.

Our website features all-inclusive pricing and we provide superb same day despatch on orders of stocked items, with made to order items being despatched within five working days, along with options for special delivery when orders need to be received by a specific deadline. We also offer price breaks to allow customers get a better price per unit when they need to order in bulk.

Along with a fantastic selection of labels, our website features free resources to help our customers choose and print the perfect labels for their application including a Label Finder, free sample request service, Word templates and PDF templates, guides to designing and printing labels (along with top tips and troubleshooting advice), and more detailed information about our products (such as material specification sheets and a cross reference between our label sizes and those of standard Avery products). We also offer one-to-one customer service by phone and by email during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm).

Laser Labels & Inkjet Labels

We supply specialist laser labels and inkjet labels made with materials chosen for their compatibility with laser printers or inkjet printers. Our laser labels have a smooth, consistent surface and good heat resistance to allow them to survive the laser printing process, while our inkjet labels are slightly porous in order to accept the inks deposited by inkjet printers. Our laser labels can be used to produce waterproof printed labels and high quality transparent labels, while our inkjet labels are ideal for printing crisp high resolution graphics.

Address Labels

We supply a range of self-adhesive address labels suitable for laser printers and inkjet printers, or for handwriting. Our address labels are available in five standard sizes and twelve materials (including options for coloured labels, transparent labels, Kraft labels, gold labels and silver labels, and gloss labels). We use standard sizes and layouts for our address labels so they can be printed using the built-in templates available in popular software.

Coloured Labels

Our coloured labels include pastel colours, fluorescent colours, metallic gold and silver, and a patterned brown Kraft paper. These labels can be handwritten or printed with standard desktop printers (our metallic and fluorescent colours must be printed with laser printers). Available in a range of label sizes, these products provide a simple and easy way to add decorative and professional labels to all kinds of items.

Security Labels

We supply two types of security labels (Void Labels and Tamper Evident Labels), which are designed to improve the security of high value items or documents by providing visual evidence that an item has been tampered with (in addition to so acting as a deterrent against tampering). Our Void Labels will leave behind the word “Void” when they are removed from a surface, while our Tamper Evident Labels fragment into tiny pieces making it impossible to remove these labels in their entirety.

Transparent Labels

Transparent labels are ideal marketing and/or branding labels and can also be used to avoid colour matching problems or to label items that have a transparent surface. Our range of transparent labels includes options for a matt or gloss finish and the choice of a permanent or removable adhesive.

Waterproof Labels

Our waterproof labels are suitable for use with laser printers only and are ideal for any indoor and outdoor applications that require a durable label that can survive exposure to water. These labels are made with polyester, polyethylene, or polyolefin and are all long lasting labels that are suitable for a range of environments and conditions. We supply eleven types of waterproof labels with options for white, silver, or transparent labels along with options for a matt or gloss finish and a permanent or removable adhesive.

Special Adhesives

Our self-adhesive labels are supplied with a range of adhesive options, from extremely strong permanent adhesives through to very light removable adhesives, along with special adhesives designed to suit specific applications. Our Super Tack and High Tack adhesives create labels that are difficult to remove and capable of maintaining a strong adhesive bond over a long period of time, while our Removable and Super Removable adhesives create temporary labels that can be removed from a surface (without damaging that surface) when they are no longer needed. Our special adhesives include a Marine adhesive (for outdoor and marine conditions), a Deep Freeze adhesive (for freezer conditions), a Water Wash Off adhesive (for reusable containers), and an Opaque adhesive (for blocking out existing print work).

Label Templates & Help and Advice

In addition to providing high quality label products, we endeavour to use our experience in the labelling industry to provide our customers with all of the advice and resources they need to choose and print their own labels, from picking the right product for their application through to designing a template and getting the best possible print quality.

Our Label Finder allows customers to narrow down their options based on the requirements or specifications of their label application, while our free sample request service means that they can test our products in the unique conditions of their application to ensure that the labels they choose are up to the job.

We have also created a comprehensive Template Section, which contains Word templates and PDF templates for customers to download and use free of charge. Every label size that we supply has its own dedicated template page, which includes precise measurements and layout information, printing advice, and Word and PDF templates – where applicable, we have also provided a list of Avery template codes that are compatible with each label size that we supply.

Customers also have access to our advice pages, written by us and assembled into a single Help Section; these guides include advice on how to design and print labels, top tips for getting the perfect print, and troubleshooting advice.

If customers have any problems or need further assistance, they can contact our customer service team by phone and by email (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm) for one-to-one advice on picking the right label, setting up a template, and printing their own labels.


School Labels

Label Planet have been supplying self-adhesive labels to schools for over a decade and supply over 1,000 schools across the UK. We have a dedicated School Section on our website with help and advice for schools, including free templates and recommended label sizes and products for use as target setting and assessment labels, marking and feedback labels, lesson planning labels, pastoral care labels, and labels for general school administration.

Name Labels

Label Planet has also developed two name label products; Stikins ® name labels and Trons ® name transfers. Our name labels are designed for busy families and allow parents to save both time and money due to their simplicity and versatility. These labels provide a quick and easy method of safely and securely labelling all kinds of items to help prevent those items from going missing or getting mixed up, removing the need to pay for replacements and avoiding the emotional fall out when items are lost.

Our products were originally designed specifically for school uniform and equipment and we have sold millions of these labels to parents across the UK. They are also popular for use in nursing and residential care homes, where they prevent items from getting lost in the shared facilities and environments used by these organisations.

Stikins ® name labels simply stick in and stay in; they can be applied onto the wash-care label of garments or directly onto other items, such as lunch boxes and water bottles, shoes and bags, books and stationery sets, and mobile devices and tablets. They have been independently tested using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure for 30 washes at 40 degrees and have also been tested to ensure they are resistant to sun creams and lotions so that these labels will remain firmly in place and fully legible throughout the year. We also supply a “write on” version of these name labels (Stikins ® Name Labelling Kit - with pen), which allows parents to personalise each name label as they wish.

Trons ® are iron on name transfers and allow a permanent name label to be created on all kinds of fabric items. These name labels require a single iron-on application, which fuses the transfer to the fabric of the item being labelled to create a permanent form of identification. Like our Stikins ® name labels, our Trons ® have been independently tested to ensure they will survive in washing machines and tumble driers and that they are resistant to sun creams and lotions.

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