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MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd


MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd

2030 boul. Dagenais Ouest, Laval Qc H7L 5W2

Tel: (450) 625-4662

Fax: (450) 625-8867

Email: info@mmcpackaging.com

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About Us

Over 25 years of post-molding automation solutions.

MMC Packaging has become the leading supplier and manufacturer of state-of-the-art turnkey post-molding systems for caps & closures manufacturers. MMC Packaging is specialized in cap lining (wadding) machines, multipiece closure assembly machines, cap slitting & band folding machines, closing machines and vision inspection control.

You mold the cap. We handle it.

MMC Packaging has supplied over 1000 turnkey systems worldwide. In a market that is constantly looking for innovative caps & closures (specialty closures), the dynamic MMC team takes time to understand cap manufacturer’s special machinery requirements. MMC Packaging is not only a reference point for post-molding automation equipment but also a source of expertise in providing services related to the manufacturability of new closure designs.

Our mission is to provide custom automation solutions to the closure industry worldwide.

Why should you choose MMC Packaging? Because we listen to our customers; we stand behind our product; we offer innovative solutions; we supply reliable & durable equipment; we respond quickly and deliver on-time.

Cap lining/wadding machine:

MMC Cap lining machines are designed and manufactured to stamp out lining material disks from rolls of material and install the disks in caps at rates up to 1200 caps/minute (depending upon cap size and design.) MMC offers traditional Punch & Die technology to cut a variety of material compositions, as well as Rotary Die material cutting technology. We would be happy to provide detailed information comparing the benefits of both technologies. We also offer pre-cut disk inserting machines that capture disks from magazines. This machine offers optimum floor space utilization. Types of closures: food and beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, personal and household care, automotive, agrochemical and more  

Assembly machines:

MMC designs and manufactures assembly machines that can assemble multipiece closures at rates up to 1200 caps/minute. Types of closures: 2-piece child resistant closures; 2-piece & 3-piece sports caps; 2-piece non-dairy creamer caps; 2-piece hinged dispensing closures for condiments; antacids and large count chewing gum packages; disc top closures and 4-piece spice grinder closure; various styles of multi-piece beverage caps.  

Closing machine:

MMC designs and manufactures closing machines for a variety of closures with various hinge styles and latching features that can reach rates up to 350 caps/minute. Our closing machines use repeatable and highly efficient techniques to perform intricate closing functions. Types of closures: flip-top closures for condiments; dispensing closures for the hair care market; rectangular coffee closures; single-door and twin-door closures for spices and grated cheese; single-door and twin-door closures for non-dairy creamer; beverage closures; custom designed hinged closures.  

Slitting and band folding machines:

MMC designs and manufacturers cap slitting and band inverting machines that score the side wall of plastic closures either with an arched slitting blade or a cut-to-post technology. Types of Tamper-Evident closures: beverage closures, automotive and chemical closures, sports caps, pilfer caps and more.  

Vision Control

The MMC Vision system captures defects before your customers do. MMC Packaging is the only manufacturer of automation equipment with in-house optical specialist and software engineers. Our interface provides a user-friendly experience, allowing your operators to navigate in a natural and intuitive manner. The MMC-Quality through vision (MMC-QTVision) can reach rates up to 2400 caps/minute. The QTVision can detect the following defects: Liner detection: missing/inverted liner; half-moon; off-centre; foreign debris; warped caps and splice detection and more. Closure defects: wall inspection; color inspection; short shot; broken caps and more.  

Multi-purpose frame (MPF)

MMC has designed and manufactured a cost-effective machine that meets the same high standards for quality, technology, reliability and robustness as the rest of its product line. The MPF can be customized to perform various functions in one compact design. System capacity: 1-across, 53mm nominal diameter and rates up to 85ppm. The MPF can be adapted for several types of post-molding operations: punch and die lining; rotary die lining; pre-cut liner disk insertion; multi-piece custom assembly; cut-to-post tamper evident band slitting and/or band folding; closing caps with various hinge styles and latching features.  

For more information visit: www.mmcpackaging.com
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    pharmaceuticals and vitamins

    non-alcoholic drinks

    • Cap lining/Wadding machines
    • Assembly machines
    • Closing machines
    • Slitting and band folding machines
    • Vision Control
    • Multi-purpose frame (MPF)
    MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd News
    • How Does Your Cap/Closure Influence the Automation Process?

      03rd Oct:  Downstream automation is an important component of a successful manufacturing process. There are real quantifiable improvements for closure manufacturers through projects that involve automation engineers because there is a "process design" that they are aware of that can influence the successful and efficient start-up of the automation equipment.

    • Stand-up Pouches with Fitments: Post-molding Automation Solution

      01st Sep:  According to the Freedonia Group study, the “demand of stand-up pouches in the U.S. will increase 6.5% annually to $10 billion in 2020 due to multiple benefits such as portability, aesthetic appeal, light weight, reduced material use, and significantly lower shipping costs relative to rigid containers.”

    • Stand-up Pouches with Fitments: Post-Molding Automation Solution

      01st Aug:  Spout Fitments are gaining popularity... According to the Freedonia Group study, the “demand of stand-up pouches in the U.S. will increase 6.5% annually to $10 billion in 2020 due to multiple benefits such as portability, aesthetic appeal, light weight, reduced material use, and significantly lower shipping costs relative to rigid containers.” MMC recently attended a conference regarding caps and closures in the U.S. and quickly realized that many cap manufacturers are investing their research and development on this trending category of caps.  It was also stated in one of the presentations that Stand-up Pouches with Fitments would see a 17% growth! What does this mean in the quirky world of caps & closures?  As pouches with fitments gain popularity, requests for post-moulding automation equipment increase as well. 

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    Ivanna Vidaurre Calderon

    Position: Sales Coordinator

    Telephone: 450 625 1621 242

    Email: ivc@mmcpackaging.com

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