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Yparex B.V.


Yparex B.V.

Goolkatenweg 10, 7521 BG Enschede, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)53 4 824 899

Fax: +31 (0)53 4 824 880

Email: sales@yparex.com

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About Us

Yparex B.V. is a leading supplier of extrudable adhesive resins for multilayer applications. Founded in 1989, the company has developed a full range of high-quality, high-tech tie-layer resins that meet the demanding needs of customers in a broad range of application areas.

Yparex tie-layer resins provide outstanding adhesion between all forms of poyolefin-based resins and other materials including metals (aluminium, steel, and copper) and barrier plastics (polyamides (nylons) and ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH)).
Application areas

Yparex® adhesive tie-layer resins are widely used in numerous application areas and industries:

  • multilayer packaging films e.g. barrier films for food packaging, industrial films with oxygen barrier, and medical packaging)
  • multilayer pipe applications
  • multilayer cladding panels
  • cable jacketing
  • compatibilizers and coupling agent
  • solar encapsulant film.

Yparex® Renew, a bio-based tie layer for greener multilayer packaging

Yparex is the first supplier in the industry to offer a bio-based adhesive tie layer. This bio-based tie layer resin is used in highly engineered multilayer packaging where oxygen-barrier, transparency, food safety, and structural integrity are crucial to prevent premature food spoilage and waste.

Packaging designers and manufacturers are now able to produce multilayer packaging with fewer carbon kilometers, particularly when the tie layer is used in combination with other bio-based packaging resins.

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Products & Services

Key Industries

general products

  • Packaging
  • Multilayer pipe
  • Cable jacketing
  • Cladding
  • Compatibilizers & coupling agents
  • Solar
Yparex B.V. News
  • RESIN (Products & Technology) B.V., Yparex B.V. Expand Operations and Capabilities

    17th Oct:  RESIN (Products & Technology) B.V., a privately held Dutch specialty-resin compounder, and its sister company, Yparex B.V., a leading supplier of extrudable tie-layer resins, both headquartered here, has announced that they have jointly made significant investments to expand their operations and service capabilities in order to serve their respective global customer base more effectively.

  • Resin and Yparex Demonstrate Successful Partnership

    23rd Sep:  At the K 2013, Resin (Products & Technology) BV and its subsidiary Yparex BV will show how the recently completed transition of Yparex production to Resin’s new state-of-the-art compounding plant brings benefits in terms of improved manufacturing processes, integrated logistics and security of supply. The two companies are looking forward to mobilising their combined expertise and networks for the benefit of their customers.




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Company Contacts

Wouter van den Berg

Position: Marketing

Telephone: 31 (0) 53 482 48 99

Email: info@yparex.com

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