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Wassermatte 1, CH-6210 Sursee, Switzerland

Tel: + 41 41 926 05 00

Fax: + 41 41 926 05 29

Email: info@artimelt.com

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About Us

artimelt, the Swiss hot melt specialist

artimelt is a new centre of excellence that combines all former hot melt activities of Collano and nolax. artimelt was founded in 2016 and can look back on 70 years of adhesives expertise. The Swiss hot melt specialist operates worldwide and serves markets for packaging, label, tape, medical, graphics, security and building applications.

The wide range of artimelt’s hot melt technology covers pressure sensitive adhesives, UV-curable pressure sensitive adhesives, printable pressure sensitive adhesives, heat seal adhesives and lamination adhesives.

The Swiss hot melt specialist offers solutions for demanding packaging applications such as closure of mailer bags, tamper-evident closure of security bags, document mailing bags and pouches, resealable food packaging, resealable closure labels for wet wipe, tissue and food packaging as well as closure tapes for steam sterilization bags.

Security bags: no chance for thieves

A leading manufacturer of security packaging and artimelt have evaluated appropriate product concepts for security applications. artimelt developed a coloured pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesive which changes colour triggered by temperature: This product is designed for a wide range of uses and applications, such as tamper-evident display for security applications, or as an indication of temperature changes. The artimelt colour changing adhesives are also valuable for use in security bags and packaging, implementing a closure system that can indicate attempts at cold tampering.

artimelt adhesives in security bags don’t give thieves a chance. They reveal any attempts at cold tampering.

Wet wipes: safe and eco-logically friendly

artimelt UV-curable pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives replace solvent-based systems in the domain of adhesives for wet wipe pouch seals. artimelt UV N1 series adhesives feature a broad adhesion spectrum with high initial tack on a wide variety of substrates. Other quality characteristics are soft, noiseless opening and reliable resealing…for many openings.

UV-curable pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives on closure labels ensure reliable reclosability of the packaging even for wet wipes containing oil or alcool.

Specialty packaging

Resealable food packaging imposes tough requirements on adhesives: outstanding opening and closing, compliance with food legislation on migration, and neutral odor and taste. artimelt has served this market well for years with its rubber-based pressure sensitive hot melts.

Pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesives integrated in sealing foils enable easy opening and multiple reclosure of the packaging

Advantages of hot melt

  • Solvent-free (no investment in solvent recovery required)
  • Low investment costs for coating units
  • No energy needed to dry the adhesive
  • Broad range of adhesion thanks to a diverse raw materials
  • High resistance to water and moisture
  • Adhesives can be pigmented to fit customers‘ requirements
  • High-tech pilot coating machine for hot melt coatings

artimelt is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The manufacturing of the artimelt hot melts for medical products also meets the requirements of ISO 13485. artimelt employs 45 persons worldwide and generates sales of EUR 25 million.

Products & Services

Key Industries

general products

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • UV Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Pritable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Heat Seal Adhesives
  • Hot Melt

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Company Contacts

Hilde Bühler

Position: Corporate Communications

Telephone: +41 41 926 05 00

Email: hilde.buehler@artimelt.com

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