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Her-Csi-Hús Kft. Animal Welfare Program seals consumer loyalty with a Cryovac® packaging solution

Released: 19/07/2010 13:23:42
Read 3494 times

Hungarian poultry processor Her-Csi-Hús Kft. faced a double-edged challenge with its latest premium-line launch. In addition to implementing ambitious animal welfare and quality criteria effectively, the Bo-Csi Happy Chicken products had to achieve vital differentiation and credibility in consumers’ eyes. A key factor in successfully meeting this challenge was the selection of Cryovac® SES – secure packaging and a powerful branding tool rolled into one.

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Food for thought
Already supplying the Hungarian market with 10 million broiler chickens per year, Her-Csi-Hús Kft. is committed to sustainability, basing its activity on uncompromising food safety, product quality and environmental protection. The Happy Chicken Animal Welfare Program stipulates standards that surpass existing European Union legislation. The program ensures high-quality vegetable-only animal feed, a spacious and light living environment for the chickens, and a growing process spanning 45 days, as opposed to the standard 35-day cycle. Selecting the ideal packaging for these goods involved finding a solution that would both protect and promote their superior quality.

Qualified for the job
Her-Csi-Hús Kft. turned to Sealed Air to obtain an optimal solution for the Happy Chicken line and has successfully integrated Cryovac® SES. As well as providing secure hermetic seals, preventing leakage and eliminating cross-contamination, the stretch-shrink-film offers abuse-resistance, neat appearance, excellent hygiene and 360° printability for maximum communication - a crucial branding tool. This has enabled quality printing of information on the Animal Welfare Program and on the premium products’ nutritional value, both key factors in positively influencing the consumer’s buying decision. Norbert Dupsi, Sales and Marketing Manager of Her-Csi-Hús Kft., comments, “Cryovac® SES packaging has allowed us to differentiate our products on the market and we are so pleased with the results that we’re thinking about implementing this packaging for other products in our range.” István Oláh, Administrative Manager, adds, “The high quality of printing that SES offers enhances the opportunities we have to communicate on the Animal Welfare Program.”

Cryovac® SES in action
The Cryovac® SES thin stretch-shrink film provides attractive, skin-tight presentation throughout distribution. It affords overwrapped formats with excellent optics for tailor-made branding and a store-wrapped look. The film can be combined with various sizes and designs of low-profile trays, made from polystyrene, cardboard or rigid materials, including self-absorbent solutions for drip retention. Suited to FFS (Form Fill Seal) machines with pre-stretch capabilities and shrink tunnels, the packaging requires minimal changes to accommodate different tray shapes and sizes. The Bo-Csi products packed in Cryovac SES® received the Foodapest (International Food, Drink, Food Processing and Hospitality Trade Fair) award in February 2010 and were nominated for the SIAL d’Or 2010. This innovative Sealed Air packaging solution is also a candidate for the prestigious Hungarian national award, Hungaropack.

Her-Csi-Hús Kft at a glance
Located in Hernád, near Budapest, Her-Csi-Hús Kft. has a tradition of poultry processing spanning almost two decades. Today the company employs 330 people in two plants and has a 10 per cent share of the Hungarian broiler chicken market. Enjoying an annual growth rate of 30% in its sales during recent years, the company had a turnover of HUF 8 billion in 2009. The home market absorbs 70% of its production volume, with the remaining 30% being exported, primarily to Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Its premium-line chicken products, including Happy Chicken, are marketed under the Bo-Csi brand. Her-Csi-Hús Kft. continually invests in food technology, environmental protection and new manufacturing facilities to build foundations for a strong and sustainable future.

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